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SD49 Democrats Precinct Caucuses

Last update:  January 18  





The 2018 precinct caucuses will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 6.  Registration starts at 6:30 p.m.




For precincts within Senate District 49 (SD49), there will be two locations.

All of the Edina precincts as well as Eden Prairie precinct 8 and Minnetonka precincts 1B and 1C will meet at the Valley View Middle School, 6750 Valley View Road, Edina.

  • Click here for a map showing the location of Valley View Middle School.
  • If you don't know the number of your precinct, find it ahead of time.  (See "Precinct information" below.)
  • Find the classroom for your precinct here.
  • Locate the parking lot and entrance door closest to your caucus classroom here.


The Bloomington precincts will meet at the Olson Middle School, 4551 West 102nd Street, Bloomington.

  • Click here for a map showing the location of Olson Middle School.
  • If you don't know the number of your precinct, find it ahead of time.  (See "Precinct information" below.)
  • Find the classroom for your precinct here.


Precinct information


To find your precinct, click here.  Maps of all precincts within SD49 are available to download here.


What happens?


If you haven't attended a precinct caucus before, or even if you have, watch this brief video to learn what goes on.


Gubernatorial Preference Ballot


Beginning at 6:30 p.m. and continuing to 8:00 p.m., each eligible attendee may cast a Gubernatorial Preference Ballot.

  • Balloting will take place in the hallway outside the classroom for your precinct caucus.
  • A person may cast a vote and choose not to remain for other caucus activities.
  • Results of the Gubernatorial Preference Ballot in SD49 will be posted on this website as soon as possible after the votes are counted.


What if I can't attend?


If you can't attend your precinct caucus, and if you would like to be elected as a delegate or alternate to the SD49 Democrats convention, fill out the Absentee Participation Form. (Click here for the form.) Then you can do one of the following:

  • Have someone else bring it to your precinct caucus.
  • Mail it to SD49 Democrats. If it is received by the morning of Saturday, February 3, 2018, it will be given to the convener of your precinct caucus. 


Currently three candidates are competing for the endorsement in House District 49A.  Individuals who reside in District 49A and who wish to submit an Absentee Participation Form should indicate in Section 4 of the form which candidate they support or that they prefer to remain uncommitted.  Anyone who does not provide this information will be considered as uncommitted.


Attendees will vote to determine delegates and alternates; there are no provisions for electronic or absentee voting.




The caucuses will elect delegates and alternates to the SD49 Democrats convention (to be held on March 10), which in turn will elect delegates to various other conventions, including the state convention. The number of delegates allowed per precinct is as follows:

Bloomington 16    29
Bloomington 17    14
Bloomington 18    12
Bloomington 19    21
Bloomington 21    14
Bloomington 22    17
Bloomington 23    19
Bloomington 24    17
Bloomington 25    12
Bloomington 27    13
Bloomington 28    16
Eden Prairie 8    10
Edina 1A    18
Edina 1B    18
Edina 2   17
Edina 3    20
Edina 4    23
Edina 5    19
Edina 6    19
Edina 7    15
Edina 8    17
Edina 9   18
Edina 10    12
Edina 11    20
Edina 12    7
Edina 13    13
Edina 14    22
Edina 15    16
Edina 16    19
Edina 17    15
Edina 18    28
Edina 19    12
Minnetonka 1B   13
Minnetonka 1C   15
TOTAL    570

In addition an equal number of alternates can be elected.




A form to fill in to submit a resolution can be downloaded here. This form can be filled in online and then printed. Or it can be printed and then filled in by hand. Copies of the form (to be filled in by hand) will also be available at the caucuses. At the top of the form, in the Congressional District box, fill in "3" or "5," depending on which congressional district you reside in. In the Organizing Unit box, fill in "SD49." In the Precinct box, fill in the name of your precinct--e.g., Edina 3, Bloomington 16, etc.




If you have a question, please get in touch by clicking the SD49 Democrats button on the menu bar above and then clicking the Contact Us button on the drop-down menu.